10 Containers ALC Panel newly arrived in Davao, Philippine
Date:2022-5-15      Browse:161

Along with the recovering of the epidemic situation all over the world, many sites now have reopen to start building operation. More projects is in need of Block or Panels for different kind of wall material. Particular the inquiries from Philippine market is grow up rapidly in the first season this year. “The business this year is about to boom for Philippine, majority of the people have been vaccinated , epidemic is getting use to by the people day by day, more and more projects open up to work” said by Mr.Jeune ,our Davao area representative.

Compare to the same time last year, not only AAC Block product but AAC Panel product is getting into people’s insight more and more. Because its customized design, fast install speed, load bearing ability and prefabricated finished smooth surface is more and more acceptable by our customers. “We are looking for a optional product for our customer which compare with block can be more easily line up with each other, easy leveling in case of uneven problem, that’s why our interest tend to AAC Panel now” Said by Mr.Lim, Felport CEO from Manila.


At last as the editor myself would like to say some thing. Me myself been into Philippine market for 4 years, it is so glad to see our product the AAC technology is been acknowledged day y day these years. Now no one is talking about your unit price is way higher than hollow block but more people knows about the general cost effective factor of using AAC. Now the new president has been settled with president Marcos and vice president Sarah, which is a strong combination. Politic environment relatively stable, friendly to China and epidemic passed. The great time for economy boom. Hereby i wish all the Philippines and our customers make a fortune and best luck during the golden period.